In 1950, a group of breeders and enthusiasts met to organize the Greeley Kennel Club for the purpose of promoting the breeding and showing of AKC pure-bred dogs, bringing to perfection their natural high qualities for conformation, field and obedience, and setting the standards of influence, always protecting and advancing the interest of AKC pure-bred dogs.
The club provides publications of interest, a monthly newsletter, monthly meetings and annual awards. The monthly meetings usually include a program on some aspect of dog care, breeding, or training in addition to conducting business. The public is invited to attend the monthly meetings which are held at Greeley Subaru, 4720 W 24th Street, Greeley, CO, at 7:00 p.m. the first Tuesday of each month (except January-awards banquet and July-picnic). The club also sponsors two AKC licensed all-breeds and obedience trials each year. These shows are held back-to-back in August at Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley.
In addition to the above events, the club helps sponsor both obedience and conformation training classes.
A portion of the proceeds generated from shows and seminars is donated to a variety of organizations, including the 4-H Scholarships, Weld County Fair trophies for competition in dogs, the Canine Health Foundation , and canine related research projects at various universities including Colorado State University.
To become a member of the Greeley Kennel Club you must complete an application and attend at least two meetings. Approval for membership requires an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present at your second meeting. Annual dues are $15.00 for an individual or $20.00 for a family. We are pleased to have newcomers to the sport AKC purebred dogs as well as more experienced "dog-people". Your interest in our club is appreciated. We hope you will enjoy our meetings and activities.
Greeley Kennel Club values the human/animal bond which is furthered by purebred dogs for companionship, sport, work, and service. Greeley Kennel Club encourages the outreach of dogs in service to our community. Greeley Kennel Club facilitates educational programs, canine health seminars, and responsible breeder locator services. Greeley Kennel Club heightens the civic responsibility of being good dog-owning neighbors.
Greeley Kennel Club provides publications and a monthly newsletter. The public is invited to our monthly meetings which often include programs on some aspect of dog care or training.
A portion of the proceeds from Greeley Kennel Club events is given to a variety of organizations including the Island Grove Park Authority for the improvement of that park (Island Grove Park being the site of our dog shows), and canine health research and legislation. Through local 4-H Chapters, Greeley Kennel Club endows college scholarships and provides County Fair awards, and also offers employment to local youth at our shows. Additionally, funds are generously donated to AKC Canine Health Foundation, canine search and rescue groups, and other worthy recipients in order to benefit the community and animal world as a whole.

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