Greeley Kennel Club Breeders Showcase Competition

To honor and recognize the many breeders who have supported our show over the past 50 years, on Friday evening, Greeley Kennel Club will host their Annual Breeders Showcase. This event will spotlight their breeding programs by focusing on the quality of the dogs they have produced. The goal of judging is to evaluate and recognize the depth and excellence of the entrants individual breeding programs.

The following defines criteria for entry and specifics regarding awards for the event:

•  Dogs entered must be of the same breed and presented in groups of 3, with at least two of the three dogs entered from different litters.

• The breeder entering the trio must be the breeder of record on all three dogs and must be the first handler for the trio.

• Dogs entered must be 6 months of age or older. Altered dogs and bitches are eligible to compete.

• Competition will begin at the group level and dogs in all 7 groups are eligible.

• Judges chosen must have bred at least three litters in the group that they will judge and preference will be given to individuals who have attained AKC Breeder of Merit status.

• A monetary award and rosette will be given to trios with placements 1 through 4 in each group as well as Best in Showcase and Reserve Best in Showcase.

• First in group placements will be $100.00 with second through fourth group placements $50.00 each. Best in Showcase award will be $500.00 and Reserve Best in Showcase $250.00.

• In addition, Greeley Kennel Club will sponsor a memorial trophy plaque designating the Best in Showcase winner for each year which will be displayed at future GKC shows. The breeder of the winning trio will also receive an individual plaque noting them as Best in Showcase as a keepsake of the event.

• The Greeley Kennel Club offers a Rosette for Best in Showcase, Reserve Best in Showcase & First, Second, Third & Fourth in Group.

• The Showcase will commence 30 minutes after the completion of specialty judging for the day.

• Entry fee will be $10.00 per trio and may pre-entered by completion and submission of the entry form in the Premium List along with entry fee or they may be entered the day of the event by 2:00 pm at the catalog sales areas in the front of the Events Center.